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About Us

The passion.

This is why we get out of bed.


To enable fair and frictionless private markets.


Facilitate $1Bn in Private Market transactions by 2025.


Every company can be judged on its merits and metrics.

The Team

People making it happen.

Kosta Kolev

Kosta is a serial entrepreneur with a lot of failures and successes under his belt. A mechanical engineer by training, he has spent the last ten years building and launching startups across London, Berlin and Hong Kong. Kosta also works as an advisor to a range of leading early-stage startups and funds across product, strategy and growth.

Nasko Grozdanov

Nasko is a deep-tech guy with an eye for design, having ran a successful photography studio in Montreal for many years. As an aerospace engineer, he has worked with some of Canada's best space startups and defence companies to build state-of-the-art aerodynamic technologies. Recently he has focused on helping SF startups optimise and scale their AI / ML applications.

Our Manifesto

Companies grow.
Culture changes.

But here are some beliefs we hold important.


We grow ourselves to grow our businesses


We are principles led and purpose-driven


We focus on building alignment at all costs


We deeply care about people, society and the environment we live in


We always challenge assumptions and think from first principles


We make time for rest, having fun and celebrating success


We are always open and honest, even if it is painful


We prioritise and always focus on the most important stuff


We can make a mistake but can never fail to take the lesson

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